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248                                    FLORA   INDICA.
pine-clad towards the summit. The valley of Hukum (or
Hookhoom), which was visited by Griffith, is more open, but
is surrounded on the north and east by mountains elevated
5000 and 6000 feet, and is traversed by numerous ranges of
low hills.
We do" not know the boundaries between the different pro-
vinces on the Irawadi, nor is it necessary for our purpose to
distinguish them, as the upper country is unknown to us.
Dr. Wallich, who accompanied Mr. Crawford's mission to
Ava soon after the close of the Burmese war in 1826, was the
first botanist who explored the vegetation of the Irawadi.
He ascended that river as far as the capital,, and visited the
mountain range bounding the Taoug-doiig river to the east-
ward, from which some of his finest plants were obtained. Mr.
Griffith, in 1837, entered Ava from Assam, and descended
the Irawadi to its mouth, but the collections made by him
on this journey have not been distributed. Since the earlier
sheets'of tlii~ Introduction were printed, Dr. M'Clelland has
forwarded to the Hookcrian Herbarium an excellent and very
valuable collection from Pegu.
The province of Tcnasserim is separated from Pegu by tlw
Sitang river, and extends south to the commencement of the
Malayan Peninsula, including the districts of Martaban, Ta~
voy, and Tenasserirn. At its northern extremity, the great
river of Martaban forms an extensive alluvial plain like that
of Pegu, bounded to the east by mountains of considerable
but unknown elevation. Elsewhere the mountains approach
the coast, and are said to attain occasionally, but not con-
tinuously, an elevation of 4000 or 5000 feet. The coast iv
generally alluvial; tidal channels, which separate a broad and
continuous belt of islands from the main, run into ue in-
terior, and the hilly tracts are covered with dense forest.
In climate Tenasseriin is intermediate between Arraean
and the Malayan Peninsula. The summer rains are every-